Implement a risk management approach tailored to your organisation with a collaborative, visual & turnkey RMIS.

  • Conduct & aggregate your risk map (e.g. corporate level, and/or by subsidiary, process, project, Sapin 2 compliance project…) and easily involve your stakeholders;
  • Coordinate risk community(ies) and boost adhesion to risk management process(es)
  • Track the effectiveness of your risk management and internal control process(es)
  • Report to your management & governance bodies


The Compliance Universe integrated to the ArengiBox RMIS allows deploying compliance self-assessments easily. Risk Management, Internal Control & Internal Audit can interact in ArengiBox for an integrated & effective Enterprise Risk Management.

With ArengiBox’ integrated Compliance Universe:

  • Implement & manage a control self-assessment process
  • Track the implementation of audit recommendations
  • Link risks to audit findings or control self-assessments
  • Deploy compliance questionnaires (Sapin 2, Duty of Vigilance, GDPR…)

ARENGIBOX support their Risk Management

ArengiBox today brings together a community of 400 organizations. International groups, SMEs, or local authorities … connect daily to their ArengiBox RMIS and deploy the risk management in their organization.

  • CD 93 reference ArengiBox RMIS

    The Audit & Risk Management department has selected Arengibox to deploy & manage our risk mapping approach, the tracking of audit recommendations and control self-assessments in all divisions of our organisation. What won us over was its user friendliness, especially for non-risk professionals.

    Yannis WENDLING
    Director of Audit and Internal Control and Risk Management
  • Logo Enedis – reference ArengiBox RMIS

    Enedis has selected the Arengibox platform to support its risk management process both at national and regional levels. It has boosted general awareness and adherence to our process, down to filed operations. It also has made the difference on consolidation & reporting.

    Olivier MASSET
    Audit, Internal Control, Risks Management
  • Logo Virbac – reference ArengiBox RMIS

    I have been looking for an easy-to-use tool, directed towards risk owners, action owners, not just risk professionals, without the hassle of specific developments. I found it.

    Max Giumelli
    Risk Manager
  • Logo CNIM – reference ArengiBox RMIS

    Arengi supported us in carrying out the Group’s first risk mapping exercise and defining the resulting action plans. As part of this, ArengiBox was implemented to centralise information and facilitate our monitoring activities.

    Jean-Christophe Rodier
    Group Risk & Insurance Manager
  • Logo Roche – reference ArengiBox RMIS

    Arengi supported the Risk and Compliance Department in preparing and co-facilitating a collective mapping of risks and opportunities for Roche France between now and 2020.

    ArengiBox was used during this exercise to collect, analyse and report on the level of consensus of the executive committee members. It will also allow us to steer and monitor the action plans on our priority risks.

    Nathalie Roche
    Risk & Compliance Director
  • Logo SAFT – reference ArengiBox RMIS

    SAFT wanted a flexible, efficient risk management process.
    Arengi stepped in, in partnership with the audit, internal control and risk management department, to reassess the risk mapping, followed by two years of support in formalising and steering the action plans.
    The use of ArengiBox facilitated the establishment of the new system, which allowed us to quickly promote a documented, monitored, collaborative approach in an international environment.

    Francisco RODRIGUEZ
    Risk Manager at Saft
  • Logo Conseil départemental de la Manche – reference ArengiBox RMIS

    As part of the creation of the Audit and Risk Management function within the Conseil Départemental de la Manche, we benefited from Arengi’s skills and expertise to conduct the local authority’s first risk mapping exercise. This methodological contribution, coupled with ArengiBox’s ease of use and performance in risk scoring, allowed us to meet the challenge posed the number of disciplines & organisations to be surveyed.

    Isabelle Morin - Catherine Liottier
    Risk Manager - Internal Audit Manager
  • Logo Pierre Fabre – reference ArengiBox RMIS

    Deployed at Group level to manage major risks, we were seduced by ArengiBox and decided to use it for clinical studies risk management. It is the possibility of a transversal analysis, with a synthesis of the most critical risk present in each study and displayed on a common matrix, that seduced us.

    Alain Senecchal
    Head of Support and Deployment
  • Logo Ardagh Group – reference ArengiBox RMIS

    We have been using ArengiBox since 2014. The solution effectively integrates an Enterprise Risk Management process, guiding us from risk identification to prioritization, Key Risk Indicators and action plans. This gives us confidence we have a robust risk management system in place.

    Steffen Seehausen
    Chief Risk Officer


They use ArengiBox